We all need clean, abundant drinking water.

Learn how your actions can help to protect municipal water sources.

Protecting water sources is about protecting public health

The Source Protection Plan contains policies to protect 11 local municipal water sources.

The Quinte Source Protection Region is in eastern Ontario

Half the people in the Quinte Region depend on safe, reliable municipal drinking water.
  • How to protect water sources?
    Our activities on the land and in the water near drinking water sources can have an impact.   What can you do to protect our drinking water sources?    ...
  • Risk management plans?
    We can advise how your activities may be affected by policies in the Source Protection Plan. If you require a risk management plan we can walk you through that process....
  • Policy Information Maps
    Are you affected by policies in the Source Protection Plan? Find your property, click on the map and then check the fact sheet to see how some common activities are affected....
  • Approved Source Protection Plan
    The Quinte Region Source Protection Plan directs local efforts to protect and keep our sources of municipal water clean. It includes 63 policies, based on science and developed with public consultation....