Quinte Region

about_1The Quinte Source Water Protection Region is based on the jurisdiction of Quinte Conservation. This region includes the watersheds of the Moira, Napanee and Salmon Rivers and all of Prince Edward County, an area of 5,921 square kilometres (km2) in eastern Ontario. There are approximately 117,000 people living in the region. MAP

There are municipal water supplies in this region at: Belleville, Point Anne, Deseronto, Napanee, Deloro, Madoc, Tweed, Wellington, Picton, Ameliasburgh, and Peat’s Point.

The 11 municipal drinking water systems in the Quinte Region serve about 50% of the population. Seven of these systems are intakes from surface water and four are groundwater systems that have wells drilled into the underlying aquifers. The remaining population obtains water from private wells using groundwater; shore wells using surface water; or for some
cottages, directly from a river or lake.

vaderwater - rapidsThe Moira, Salmon and Napanee Rivers originate in the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield. The northern areas of these watersheds feature rocky outcrops, the majestic white pine and many popular cottage lakes. Forest cover is extensive and the area has large tracts of crown land. As the rivers descend southward, on their way to the Bay of Quinte, they pass historic old mills, quaint villages and the limestone plains dotted with farms. The County of Prince Edward has a number of small watersheds that drain from this largely agricultural peninsula into Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte.

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