Policy Development

The Quinte Region Source Protection Committee discuss how to protect Picton's water supply.

The Quinte Region Source Protection Committee gather in Delhi Park to discuss how to protect Picton's water supply.

Policy concepts were discussed by the Source Protection Committee in early 2011. Committee members and many local people, serving on specialized Working Groups provided input and feedback on those concepts as they evolved into draft policies during 2011. Working Group members had local expertise in agriculture, municipal planning, fuel, septic systems and emergency planning and system operation.

The draft policies developed as concepts to protect the water sources were sent back and forth between the working groups and Source Protection Committee.

Each new version of the draft policies was improved until, in October 2011, the policies were ready to be reviewed by 42 policy implementers in a process called ‘pre-consultation'.

Throughout 2011 presentations were made to local municipal councils and meetings were held with municipal staff to keep them apprised of the committee's progress.


The purpose of pre-consultation was to obtain feedback from municipalities and government ministries, on whether draft policies were implementable, prior to taking the draft policies to the public in 2012. Draft policies and background information were circulated to the implementers and by December, 2011 the committee had received many helpful and constructive comments.

A Policy Review Backgrounder was included in the pre-consultation packages.

Comments received by the committee were considered in the final policy drafts developed early in 2012.

When the final drafts of the policies were ready for public comment, meetings were held in May, 2012.

The development of each policy in the Source Protection Plan is chronicled in the Explanatory Document.

Threats Fact Sheets

Drinking Water Threats to drinking water sources in the Quinte Region are explained in fact sheets. These include the policy approach taken by the Source Protection Committee in developing policies to address the threat.  For more information on threats see the Policy Review Backgrounder, above or the Approved Updated Assessment Report.