Plan and EDNumerous technical reports and studies were completed as part of the science upon which the Source Protection Plan was based.

Approved Source Protection Plan
The Quinte Region Source Protection Plan will direct efforts to protect and keep the sources of municipal drinking water clean and plentiful. This will help to protect public health.

Approved Assessment Report
The Assessment Report describes the vulnerable areas around each municipal drinking water system where spills, pollution, contamination and overuse could harm the source water. Threats to water quality and quantity are identified and ranked as low, moderate or significant.

Terms of Reference
The Terms of Reference document set out the work plan and estimated budget required to complete the Assessment Report and the Source Protection Plan. The scope of the work, roles and responsibilities, and estimated costs are itemized in the Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference was completed in 2008 as required by regulation under the Clean Water Act.

Watershed Characterization
The Watershed Characterization Report is a summary of the known information about the Quinte Region Watershed. Descriptions of the physical attributes and history as well as land and water issues are provided in this report.

Water Budget
A water budget is one of the main tools needed to effectively manage our water resources into the future.It tells us:how much water we get from rain and snow; how the water travels through the watershed; how much water is stored underground and where; how much we lose in evaporation and through plants; how much water is taken from our rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater reserves and what the trends are. Knowing how water moves in and out of our region allows us to better plan for its protection.