How to protect water sources?

Our activities on the land and in the water near drinking water sources can have an impact.


What can you do to protect our drinking water sources?



Here are 10 suggestions:


  1. Maintain your well. Unmaintained, old or unused wells on your property can become a direct pathway for pollution to contaminate groundwater. Contact a licensed well contractor and have your well inspected and maintained.  Have unused wells properly decommissioned.
  2. Maintain your septic system by having it pumped every three or four years.  A failing septic system can contaminate sources of drinking water and cause serious environmental and health problems.  Regular, proper maintenance is money well spent; reducing the likelihood of a costly system replacement.  It protects the environment too. More.
  3. Restrict livestock access to local waterways.  Livestock in our streams can result in contaminants and pathogens entering our surface water supplies.
  4. Take care when handling fuel. Even small amounts of spilled or leaked fuel can contaminate many thousands of litres of groundwater.
  5. Consider replacing your fuel tank with a double walled or double bottomed tank and installing a drip tray alarm (on indoor tanks) if you heat your home with oil and especially if you live in a vulnerable area.  This will help to protect your property and drinking water sources. More.
  6. Be careful and alert when handling, storing or using chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Spills of these substances can make our water supplies unsafe for human or animal consumption.
  7. Participate in your municipality's Household Hazardous Waste program.  Proper disposal of toxic and harmful substances will help to keep water safe. More.
  8. Keep your shoreline natural.  Maintaining a buffer zones of vegetation along your shoreline will reduce the runoff of pollutants into our waterways; and it keeps the Canada geese off your lawn too!
  9. Practice good water conservation in your home.  Half our water use is in the bathroom. Fix that leaky tap. Install a low flow shower head or dual flush toilet.
  10. Practice good water conservation outside your home. In summer, half our water is wasted outside. Don't clean your driveway by hosing it down, sweep it with a broom. Plant native plants. They are beautiful and will thrive with little or no maintenance required.

Help spread the word about protecting Drinking Water Sources! Invite us to make a presentation to your community group or service club. Click Here.

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