Policy Information Maps

Are you affected by policies in the Source Protection Plan? Find your property, click on the map and then check the fact sheet to see how some common activities are affected.

Find out by checking the maps below.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

1.   Find the vulnerable area map for your community in the list below and click on it.

2.   Once the map is displayed, find your property and click there.

3.   If the location you click is within a vulnerable (affected) area then a page(s) will come up that explains how some common activities may be affected by policies in the Source Protection Plan.

If you are planning construction or proposing the change of use (under the Planning Act or Building Code) of a property or business in a vulnerable area, please complete this enquiry referral form.


VILLAGE OF MADOC: The map showing vulnerable areas surrounding the Village of Madoc water source shows the Issues Contributing Area which was delineated in 2013. This Issues Contributing Area is shown on the Village of Madoc map by purple lines which outline a 30 metre setback from Deer and Madoc Creeks. Within this setback septic systems will require inspection every five years and some agricultural practices may require a risk management plan.

If your location is not within the lines or zones that show the vulnerable areas near municipal water sources, then your acitivites will not likely be affected by the policies in the Source Protection Plan. You are still encouraged to help protect local water sources by participating in your municipality's household hazardous waste program, maintaining your well and septic system and taking care with fuel storage and use of chemicals.

Please Note: These maps are provided to assist individuals living and working in the areas surrounding municipal drinking water sources to see how their activities may be affected by policies in the Source Protection Plan. Information provided on the maps is a quick summary only of how policies in the Source Protection Plan could affect some common activities near municipal water sources. For complete details see the Source Protection Plan or contact project staff . The Source Protection Plan was approved by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change in September 2014. Requirements in the plan came into effect January 1, 2015.

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