Risk management plans?

We can advise how your activities may be affected by policies in the Source Protection Plan. If you require a risk management plan we can walk you through that process.

Certain activities, when carried out in the vulnerable areas near a drinking water source, can pose a threat to that water source. The Quinte Region Source Protection Plan contains some policies that call for the prohibition of some activities and measures to manage other activities where they present a significant threat to the municipal drinking water source.

To see how activities may be affected by policies in the Plan check out the Policy Information Maps.

Prohibition and Risk Management Fact Sheet

Risk Management Officials and Inspectors Fact Sheet

Quinte Conservation Risk Management Office 

Quinte Conservation provides the risk management services for municipalities with significant drinking water threats and/or drinking water systems within the Quinte Region.

If you require a risk management plan we can assist with that process.

Quinte Conservation has three fully qualified, provincially certified risk management officials/inspectors. Together they have more than 30 years experience in the local source water protection project.

Contact the Risk Management Office or call them at 613-968-3434 or 613-354-3312 

Keith Taylor ext 109

Amy Dickens  ext 132 

Quinte Conservation's risk management staff carry provincially issued identification.

When do I need to contact the Risk Management Office?

A door hanger on a door knob. The door hanger has a message from Quinte Conservation about protecting drinking water sources.

Risk management staff will try to call first before coming to your property but in some cases this may not be possible. This door hanger will let you know that they came by. The reverse has contact information and the reason for the visit.

For existing activities, that are a significant threat in vulnerable areas, the Risk Management Official will contact you. For future planned activities you may be referred by your municipality or you will contact the Risk Management Office directly prior to proceeding.

In vulnerable areas surrounding a municipal drinking water source applications under the Planning Act or for the construction or the change of the use of a building may not be made until the Risk Management Official issues a notice to the person who is proposing the regulated activity.

The notice will identify that:

  • the activity is prohibited or
  • a risk management plan has been agreed to or established for the activity or
  • neither prohibition or risk management measures apply.

If the activity is prohibited by the Source Protection Plan then the application cannot proceed.
If a risk management plan is established then the application can proceed.
If neither prohibition nor risk management measures apply then the application may proceed.

Where do risk management services apply?

In the Quinte Region risk management services apply for certain activities in the vulnerable areas surrounding the municipal drinking water systems for the:

  • City of Belleville
  • Hamlet of Point Anne
  • Town of Deseronto
  • Town of Greater Napanee (Backup system intake in the Napanee River)
  • Village of Tweed
  • Village of Madoc
  • Village of Deloro
  • Village of Ameliasburgh
  • Peats Point Subdivision
  • Town of Picton
  • Township of Madoc: Risk management services apply in some areas of this municipality because the vulnerable areas for the Village of Madoc wells extend into the Township.
  • Village of Marmora: Through an agreement with the Municipality of Marmora and Lake, Quinte Conservation also provides the risk management services for the Village of Marmora drinking water system. The Village of Marmora is within the Crowe Valley Source Protection Area of the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region.

For more information contact the Risk Management Office at Quinte Conservation.

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